Vanilla Velvet Chocolate - 30 ml

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Vanilla Velvet Chocolate

30 ml

Living Libations voluptuous Vanilla Velvet Chocolate Cologne is an elegant elixir of the most enchanting aromatics found in nature. It coalesces blooms of honeyed Boronia with the enchanting depths of cacao absolute topped with tantalizing Tahitian vanilla. A dash of grapefruit’s glee tempers cacao’s sweet sensuality with notes of sharp, sunny citrus. The finishing touch is a burst of black currant’s fruity red wine sonata.

Drench your senses and quench your aura with tantalizing tastes from Earth’s botanical banquet.  Douse yourself with this delectable and succulent scent that fabulously fuses enticing cacao, velvety vanilla, and fruity florals into a perfume that makes all who inhale swoon.

One spritz of Vanilla Velvet Chocolate Cologne is a deep, delectable flavor-fusion that scents your skin with the sensuality of abundant bliss.


Ingredients: Cacao Absolute Oil, Tahitian Vanilla Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Boronia Oil, Black Currant Oil, Organic Biodynamic Alcohol.

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