Theurgy Magick Candles

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Natural soy wax candle scented with pure essential oils

burn time: approx. 40 hours


The Heart Chakra

deity oil: a blend of citrus fruit and bergamot. used to teach acceptance of your uniqueness, foster creativity, spark your true joy, boost inner confidence

rose quartz: a stone for unconditional love and infinite peace for yourself and those around you

burdock root: used in spells to connect Venus to her planetary and goddess vibrations


The Third Eye

ylang ylang: carries the magickal ability to attract, connect and carry the energy of wildly big goals into the universe

amethyst: encourages a deeper understanding of self and spiritual wisdom. a high frequency stone, used for meditation and awakening to your inner truth. thought to enhance memory and motivation

sage: a magickal staple used to cleanse, protect, renew and bring connection to


The Protector

peppermint oil: stimulates the brain, removing negative thought cycles. encourages positivity in both internal and external enviornments

obsidian: a high frequency healer, used where negative energy is present to remove toxicity and blockages

elderberries: protects against energy absorption and supports energetic release

herbs: a calming blend to help bring inner peace




Making Magick...

Each candle has been created combining the magical properties of Reiki, herbalism, wicca and sound attuned vibrations.

Use this magickal little spell as a tool to breathe, create, write, wish, move and heal. Your crystal can then be removed (once the flame has been omitted) with a heat friendly tool, to carry with you as it becomes charged with your own energy and intention.

All candles require a watchful eye when lit, and we suggest removing the additional herbal elements once your wishes have been set (especially when they reach the wax pool), so you can continue to enjoy the candle without flame blockage.

"Psst...I think you spelled 'magic' wrong!" This lettering stems from the idea that 'magick' is a sincerely shared practice, created through synergy, energy and ritual. This distinguishes it from 'magic', aka the pulling of rabbits out of hats.


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