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Beeswax Wraps - Set of 3


These beeswax wraps are a sustainable a reusable alternative to plastic wrap. The perfect way to reduce kitchen waste with the cutest and most minimal cloths! Our wraps are made with 100% cotton, ethically sourced and pure beeswax, natural pine resin, organic jojoba oil. No need to worry about harmful phlatates and platicizers coming into contact with your food.

Sets contain 3 wraps (approximate measurements)
Large: 13" x 14"
Medium: 10" x 11"
Small: 7" x 8"

*Please note that all our products are homemade, so please expect imperfections and unclean finishes, but these beauty marks make them all the more beautiful!*

Using your wrap: Before placing the wrap onto your container, warm the edges of your cloth with your hands to allow the beeswax to soften and stick to the container. These wraps can be used for covering leftovers, wrapping sandwiches and storing snacks. Avoid raw meat.

After use: After removing the cloth, gently wash with cool water and gentle soap. Store wraps in a cool dry place until your next use! Avoid placing wraps in hot places such as microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines as well as in direct contact with hot food/pots.

Care: These wraps will last up to one year until they must be composted or rewaxed. Until then, enjoy your beautiful wraps!

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