Relaxing Blend Artisan Tea Blend

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Relaxing Artisan Tea Blend

75 g

Whether it’s nerves, restlessness, or sleep, this blend can help without leaving you feeling groggy or over tired.


How to Make:

Hot Infusions – Hot water is poured over herbs and allowed to steep for 5-15 minutes. Strain and serve. Strength is determined by the amount of herb used, typically 15-20g per 500ml of water.

Decoction – Lightly simmer herbs in water, just below boiling for 20-60 mins. Strain and serve. Typically 20-25g of tea per 500ml of water is used. Easily prepared in a pot on the stove.


Ingredients: Skullcap*, Passionflower Herb*, Oatstraw*, Chamomile*, Catnip*

*Certified Organic by EcoCert
Contains 100% organic ingredients


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