Nettle Massage Mitt

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Nettle Massage Mitt


What a way to wake up the skin! Energizing and eco-friendly, our Nettle Massage Mitt is the ideal implement for a brisk dry rub for an instant glow or a sudsy exfoliating massage for superbly smooth skin.


Organically grown nettle fibers are interwoven with cotton and copper threads to create a mitt perfectly poised to invigorate and exfoliate the skin. Copper threads add an antimicrobial element to encourage skin-biome balance. These sparkly threads also make the mitt mold and mildew resistant.

The Nettle Massage Mitt’s surface is multi-functional; use with vigor on feet, knees, and elbows that tend to get rough, and use a lighter touch on areas where the skin is delicate for soft skin everywhere.


Care Instructions: Squeeze out excess water after using and hang to dry. Machine washable in warm water. Air dry.


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