Mandala Painting Workshop NOV 9th 3-5pm

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Awaken the artist within! Let go and let your creative juices flow!

The practice of mandala painting is so much more than just creating art. It is a practice of mindfulness. It is breath. It is meditation. It is healing. Join me in exploring this mindful and meditative practice. Learn to infuse each piece you create with intention, energy, and love.
All materials will be provided; your choice of painting on a 4" x 4" board or a palm sized stone. No experience or prior knowledge required.

About the Artist:

Nicole first came across mandala painting while recovering from her second bout of breast cancer. Through yoga, meditation, and art, she embraced her journey and found great peace and healing, thankful to be alive and reunited with her true authentic self. Working full time as a grade 7 teacher, Nicole offers workshops on evenings and weekends. She is passionate about sharing her story and helping others find peace and healing.


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