Almond Fig Organic Raw Chocolate

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Love Chock - Almond Fig Organic Raw Chocolate

A sumptuous chocolate full of nuts and sweet fruit, Lovechock’s Almond/Fig Organic Raw Chocolate will make your fruity side happy. Part of the mulberry family, figs are high in natural sugars and soluble fibre, rich in minerals, and a good source of antioxidant vitamins. They are also known to help lower blood pressure and improve digestive wellness. This is truly a chocolate bar with benefits beyond incredible flavour! Lovechock’s Almond/Fig Organic Raw Chocolate elevates the classic holiday fruit to sublime decadence.

Lovechock uses only the highest quality vegan and organic ingredients. All Lovechock chocolates are made without milk, soy, or gluten. What sets this chocolate apart from others in the market is a unique cold ground technique. This method protects the beautiful raw cacao flavour and nutrients, namely antioxidants, or what we like to call flavonoids. One of the most impressive aspects of this brand is that all chocolates are crafted without refined sugar. In place of conventional table sugar, Lovechock uses the dried nectar of Javanese coconut palm tree blossoms, which is rich in minerals and flavonoids, and does not cause sharp changes in blood sugar levels. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), it is considered the most sustainable sugar.

From ingredient selection to its packaging, Lovechock is committed to running a truly healthy, sustainable, and fair company. That’s why all Lovechock packaging is environmentally friendly. The recyclable cardboard packaging is made of trees sourced from sustainable cultivated forests and the inside of the cardboard wrapper is printed with organic ink. Lovechock is also one of the first chocolate companies to use compostable foil that you can throw away in any organic or compostable waste bin.

Lovechock products are made using a meticulous and complex process which demands passion and dedication. All chocolate is produced in a sheltered workshop located in Leiden, Netherlands, where people with disabilities (psychological, mental or physical) can work under supervision. It’s the only sheltered workshop to boast a professional chocolaterie! Lovechock believes in the talent of each of their team members, and that’s why their rich chocolate is made by hand with care!

P.S. Lovechock wants to motivate you with every bite! Look inside the packaging for a special personalized message.




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