Breu Resin Incense Parcels - Pure Breu Resin

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Breu Resin Incense Parcel - Pure Breu Resin

9 incense sticks in each pack

Hand wrapped with Traditional Nepalese Lokta paper.

Burn on safe heat resistant surface. 50 min per stick.

Extracted from the Almacega tree of the Amazon rainforest, sacred Breu resin ("Breuzinho" or "White Breu") is used in healing rituals, to ward off evil spirits, and to create good energy. It also possesses a property that causes regression experiences and conscious dreams after ritualistic use.

Breu's aromatic resin is rich in alpha and beta-amyrina triterpenes, which possess anti-inflammatory, analgesic and gastro-protective properties. (Dep. of Physiology and Pharmacology of the Federal University of Ceara, Brazil.) The resin is indicated for respiratory trouble, stomach ache, liver malfunction, and mental acuity.

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