Hearth Mirth Diffuser Blend

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Hearth Mirth Diffuser Blend


Living Libations Hearth Mirth is an uplifting fusion of fragrant, elegant essences to invite merriment and mirth into the home. This merry mixture combines the cheerful botanical chimes to create an air of joyful and jubilant times for the holidays and beyond.

A sense of pure glee abounds as the Hearth Mirth blend is diffused to gladden your heart and home with traditional warming winter scents of evergreens and citrus. A welcome addition any holiday party, Hearth Mirth is a cheerful choice for seasons of nostalgia, familial moments of warmth and friendship, and for dispelling the winter blues.


Directions: This scent can be diffused in the room, added to a steaming winter bath, or diluted for massage.

Organic Ingredients: Citrus sinensis (Blood Orange), Abies alba (White Fir), Pseudotsuga menziesi (Douglas Fir), Bursera graveolens (Palo Santo), and Citrus bergamia (Bergamot).


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