Fire Cider Workshop - NOV 1st 6pm SOLD OUT

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Fire Cider is a traditional herbal folk remedy used as an immune and digestive system tonic.  This delicious sweet, spicy and zesty herb-infused vinegar has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, wonderful for staying well during the colder months.  Participants in this workshop will learn how to make fire cider and will create a batch to take home.

The Community Herbalism Initiative is dedicated to sharing herbal knowledge and making it accessible to all, as herbalism has always been the people’s medicine.  Heather Baker, CH, CIH, RMT, is a herbalist and registered massage therapist.  Erin Riseing, ND, RH, is a naturopath and registered herbalist.

WHEN: Nov 1st  6-7pm
COST: $15/person

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