Assorted Tea Trio

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JusTea® Trios bring together three delicious flavors of Kenyan tea in one gorgeous gift set! The Assorted Tea Trio contains three interlocking tins filled with JusTea's award-winning Golden Green, Turmeric Ginger and Cream Earl Grey loose-leaf teas.

Each trio tin includes a hand-carved wild olive wood spoon, information about the small-scale tea production in Kenya, and steeping instructions for each flavor. 110g total.

Steeping Instructions: 1 teaspoon of tea per cup of 205°F water for 3 mins.

JusTea is dedicated to maintaining the whole tea leaf rather than the normal maceration which destroys much of the leaf’s natural complexities and depth. This allows the tea to be steeped multiple times, retaining the full flavor profile that whole leaf tea offers.

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