100% Natural skincare

Garden City Essentials grew from the desire to create the most effective natural skincare products, and the belief that nature provides the best resources for the job.

We work with top quality botanical ingredients, chosen for their beneficial properties. Many of our ingredients are certified organic and fair trade. All of our ingredients are 100% natural and sustainably sourced. All our products are cruelty free and minimally packaged.

Our products are formulated from scratch, hand blended, poured and packaged in small batches. They are free from any and all synthetic and harmful ingredients such as petroleum, parabens, preservatives, endocrine disruptors, GMOs, fragrances, solvents and dyes. 

We believe in the importance of holistic, natural self care. This motivates us to create pure, effective and luxurious products that will balance and nourish the skin and enliven the senses. We want you to feel amazing in your skin.